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There’s something quite whimsical about birds perched on chimneys. Maybe it’s the novelty of seeing nature take up residence in man-made structures or perhaps it’s the peacefulness of watching their little bodies bob up and down as they tweet away. Whatever it is, these feathered creatures sure know how to make our hearts sing.

The Things I Enjoy: Birds Sitting on Chimneys

Birds sitting on chimneys

My love for birds sitting on chimneys started with a single photo I stumbled upon on the internet. It was a simple shot of a few sparrows perched on a brick chimney, and yet it left an indelible mark on me. Since then, I’ve made it a point to click pictures of these enchanting creatures whenever I get the chance.

The Bird That Loves Chimneys as Much as Santa

The Bird That Loves Chimneys as Much as Santa

Did you know that there’s a bird species that loves chimneys so much they’re named after them? The Chimney Swift, also known as Chaetura pelagica, is a species of swift that builds its nests inside chimneys. These little birds migrate each year from North America down to South America, and they’re best spotted during the months of April to October.

How To Get Birds Out of a Chimney – The Easy Way

How To Get Birds Out of a Chimney

While birds sitting on chimneys may look charming, they can also be a nuisance if they decide to nest inside the flue. Not only can this cause damage to the chimney, but it can also pose a health hazard due to the accumulation of droppings, debris and feathers. So, if you find yourself with birds inside your chimney, here’s an easy way to get them out:

  1. Start by sealing off all openings, except the main chimney flue, to prevent the birds from entering your home.
  2. Next, attach a birdhouse to a long pole and carefully lower it down the flue. The birds should move into the birdhouse. If they don’t, try jiggling or tapping the pole to encourage them to move.
  3. Slowly raise the pole until the birdhouse reaches the top of the chimney, and then gently tip it over to release the birds.

Cracked Chimney in Winter

Cracked Chimney in Winter

If you have birds living in your chimney, it’s important to have it inspected and cleaned by a professional chimney sweep to avoid any safety hazards. A dirty, cracked or blocked chimney can cause carbon monoxide to build up in your home – a deadly gas that you can’t see, taste or smell. So, be sure to get your chimney assessed regularly, especially during the winter months when chimneys are used the most.

Birds in Your Chimney

Birds in Your Chimney

If you’re a nature lover like myself, you may be tempted to let the birds stay in your chimney but, as I mentioned earlier, this can pose a danger to your home and your health. So, while it’s lovely to see birds sitting on chimneys, it’s best to encourage them to make their homes elsewhere.

In conclusion, while birds sitting on chimneys may seem like a delightful photo opportunity, it’s important to take care of your home and your family’s safety. So, if you have birds in your chimney, contact a professional and have it inspected and cleaned. Remember, there’s plenty of room for birds to make their homes in the beautiful outdoors.

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